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Snowbound limericks poll

This week we've been writing about being Snowbound.

Snow prevention by gritsinmisery
My friends across the Pond want to know
How I handle large amounts of snow.
In October I buy
Snow boots, salt for my drive
Guaranteeing said snow’s a no-show.

If You're Married, You Know Exactly What I'm Talking About by nsfinch
When it snows, and I'm stuck in my house,
I'd be happy and snug as a mouse,
But for one complication
That bears contemplation:
I go nuts when cooped up with my spouse.

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This week's prompt is Snowbound

Sticking with a seasonal theme; we Brits famously can't handle snow. It comes along so infrequently that we don't prepare and don't know how to handle it when it arrives, so it can shut down the whole country leaving us to spend the winter vigorously complaining about it. (Those born beyond these fair shores may not be aware that complaining is the British national sport.) But last winter was the worst we've had in many a year, and this one looks set to be just as bad. So maybe we should ask some more experienced hands for advice.

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Xmas encroaching limericks poll!

This week *cough* we've been writing about Xmas encroaching. I let this one run on a bit because we got some entries just as I was about to close it.

nothanks-giving by kazzibee
What's that you say that I should do?
Bake some roasted Kangaroo?
I think not!
Not in my pot!
I shall say thanks but no thanks to you!

What Happened to Thanksgiving? by nsfinch
As the last trick-or-treaters are stopping,
It's immediately time to go shopping.
And whatever's the reason?
Why, it's now Christmas season.
You want bargains? You'd better get hopping!

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This week's prompt is Migration

As the winds turn colder and the leaves begin to fall, animals of all kinds - be they birds of the air, beasts of the land or fish in the sea - gather together and set off in search of more suitable lands. Where do they go, and why? Maybe the climes are warmer, maybe the food is better, but whatever their reason they never send us a postcard.

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Elections limericks poll!

This week we've been writing about Elections.

A "Beltway Insider" Speaks by nsfinch
Now it's time for another election,
But I'd like to record an objection:
Debate's full of rancor--
Politics is a canker--
Better off using nat'ral selection.

I'm the OTHER Chuck Norris by karaohki
The probate judge job should be mine
the voters are all in a line
but my name is Chuck Norris
and they don't ignore us
some people keep stealing my signs

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